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Relax Kuma is the unofficial fan website of Rilakkuma (Relax Bear). Rilakkuma is a Japanese character produced by the San-X company who debuted in 2003. Many people think Rilakkuma is cute because of his cute looks. But I think the charm of Rilakkuma lies not only in his cute looks but also in his personality. His way of talking, his attitude, and his hobbies can express his special personality. Some of the things are originally from Japan so many people who don’t understand Japanese won’t fully understand his personality. There isn’t a lot of information about Rilakkuma in English, so that’s why I decided to introduce Rilakkuma in English, even though my English is so bad. I hope that many people can get to know his charm and like him even more!

About The Author

I am a Japanese woman who has lived in Taiwan for four years. In Taiwan, I worked for Japanese video game company for one year. Through my life in Taiwan, I realized there are many non-Japanese people who like Japanese pop culture like manga, games and characters. Some of them learn Japanese because they want to understand Japanese pop culture more. This situation made me start to introduce more things about Japanese culture in English. First I’ll start by introducing my favorite character, Rilakkuma. Someday, I want to introduce even more things about Japanese pop culture in my broken English!

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  1. Thank you very much for taking the time for this site! I love Rilakkuma a lot and enjoy reading about him :) It is hard to find Rilakkuma in America!

    • Thank you very much for your comment! I’m so happy to hear you read my blog! If you have something want to know, Please let me know! I try to write about this! and sorry for my strange English!

  2. I love your site. My son and his Japanese fiancee brought me Rillakuma back from their recent trip to Nagoya. I have made him a little bed and tuck him in every night. He watches TV with me and has been to the coast in our caravan where he has another bed. I am 60 and I have been going to college to learn Japanese for three months now. I really enjoy it. Sayonara. Carol.

    • Thank you so much for visiting my site. Your Rilakkuma has his own bed!! I’m sure he has very very happy life with you. Every Rilakkuma needs someone who takes care of him because he is so lazy. Please take good care of your Rilakkuma and have a happy life with him! I like leaning foreign language too. Because it shows me a new world that I’ve never seen, It’s an amazing experience! Of course foreign language is very difficult though.

    • Hi! Thank you for your comment! I saw you and Korilakkuma’s adventure pictures. looks so fun! Yeah,travelling alone is not fun, Actually I traveled with my Rilakkuma to many place too. We went to Taiwan, Macau, HongKong and the US! The cover picture of this blog is the picture when we went to the Washington DC. We enjoyed the trip very much! I hope you will continue to enjoy your trip with your Korilakkuma and Tarochan!

  3. I just found this site tonight and wanted to say thank you for the pictures and info on Rilakkuma. I’m an American living in South Korea, and I’m really enjoying my time here (lots of pictures on my blog if you want to see what it’s like). I noticed a lot of Rilakkuma merchandise everywhere so I decided to look it up online, and over the past couple weeks I’ve started liking the characters more and more, especially Korilakkuma! Please continue to tell us more about these cute characters ^_^ Will you also write about other San-X characters?

    — Gally

    • Thank you for visiting my site! I’m happy to hear you’ve started liking Rilakkuma! I saw your pictures in South Korea. There are so many cute and cool things in South Korea! And There are Japanese character shops too! Hmmm, I might write abut other characters not only San-X characters but also other characters like Studio Ghibli,Sanrio.

    • Thank you for leaving a comment! I’m so happy you have leaned about Rilakkuma! I will keep introducing about him more!

    • Thank you so much!! :) I’m so glad hearing you learned more about Rilakkuma here! Please enjoy Rilakkuma world!

  4. Hi!!! I just found your website and I love it!!! I only very recently discovered Rilakkuma and really knew nothing about him except that he was so cute! I’ve always liked Japanese characters and have been a fan of Sanrio since the early 80s! I am from the US and it is hard to find information in English! My brother took Japanese in college but knows Chinese better, so he doesn’t understand all of the sayings and stuff on the merchandise that I force him to translate :) I just ordered some of my first RIlakkuma items from a couple websites through the San-X site. Luckily I found out about fakes on ebay before I did any ordering! I’ve been to China but would love to visit Japan one day!! :)
    Ps-Your English is VERY good! I wish I knew another language! :)

    • Thank you so much! I’m so happy hearing you like Rilakkuma and this site! I’ve liked Sanrio too! I read Sanrio news paper”The Strawberry News” when I was a child. The contents are very cute! But now I like Rilakkuma the best! I didn’t write a new post recently because I’m busy a little..But I’ll try to update more often!!
      PS- Actually my friend corrected some wrong English!! :) English is very difficult for me!

  5. Hello, Here is a Rilakkuma Lover from Thailand, so happy with your article ^^
    Rilakkuma Plush, Fanclubs and Lowson is popular here,,,,,sure their worth is expensive here. Thai Rilakkuma Fanclub also following Rilakkuma News & new item. So big thanks for your lovely blog, I have learn so much from you.

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