What Did Rilakkuma Say In Mischievous Days Of Korilakkuma Series?

Today I’ll pick up older series “Mischievous Days of Korilakkuma”. We can see four kinds of his cute mischief. I think Korilakkuma is so mischievous because he loves Rilakkuma too much!

  • Korilakkuma sewed his favorite things on Rilakkuma’s suits! Pancakes, dango, pink rabbit(Korilakkuma has his rabbit suit), red car(Korilakkuma has a red car toy), and a stuffed penguin!  Rilakkuma says “Ahhhh”. I think Korilakkuma did that because he wanted to make Rilakkuma happy! That’s why he sewed his favorite things on Rilakkuma’s suit!

  • Korilakkuma is opening Rilakkuma’s zipper! You know Rilakkuma doesn’t like his zipper being opened. Rilakkuma doesn’t notice that because he is  eating something but Kiiroitori find and say “the pinch!”  Hmm, I think Korilakkuma wanted to play with Rilakkuma. But he is busy to eat so Korilakkuma opened Rilakkuma’s zipper to make Rilakkuma to play with him!
  • Korilakkuma wear his rabbit suit and climb Rilakkuma! Kiiroitori is carrying his back pack and said “bear-climbing!” Kiiroitori likes to climb Rilakkuma as if he were a mountain. Bear-climbing is one of his hobbies!

  • They are taking a bath together. Korilakkuma take his penguin together! Ah! There is Rilakkuma babble right side of Korilakkua! They have a good bath time. and…

  • Rilakkuma became a white rabbit! he said “too much foam…” Kiiroitori said “Wah!”
And then….

Korilakkuma fell asleep on Rilakkuma’s lap. Korilakkuma made a breathing “kuu”. Rilakkuma said “He fell asleep”. Kiiroitori brought his blanket and said “He is tired of mischief.”

Korilakkuma likes getting into mischief but Rilakkuma and Kiiroitori don’t scolded but enjoy his cute mischief! I like their good relationship!


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