What Did Rilakkuma Say In I Love Rilakkuma Series?

As you know Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori love Rilakkuma! And they love their days very much! We can see what they love in their dairy life through “I love Rilakkuma” series!

I love gohan♥  gohan means rice in Japanese. Rilakkuma eats rice with egg and soy sauce. And he says “Wahoo”

I love senbei♥ senbei is one of Rilakkuma’s favorites. They eat goma senbei (rice cracker with sesame). Rilakkuma says “Paripori” (This is an onomatopoeia when we eat something hard.) Korilakkuma says “So hard.”

I love omocha♥ omocha means toys in Japanese. Korilakkuma hold his favorite toys( radio controlled duck, the stuffed penguin and the stuffed Rilakkuma) and says “cherish”. The stuffed Rilakkuma is his new toy! I love omocha is my favorite because I can see Korilakkuma loves Rilakkuma very much!

I love gyu gyu is the onomatopoeia when we hug something tightly or we push something strongly. So I think this means they love touching or hugging each other! The word that is next to Rilakkuma is  “Doooon”. This is the noise that Korilakkuma get on Rilakkuma. “Dooon” is also onomatopoeia when something hit something.

I love Kiiroitori Korilakkuma is holding Kiiroitori because he loves Kiiroitori very much!

I love gyu The word upside of Korilakkuma is “Gyuuuuuu” They love gyuuuuuu!

I love smile They are smiling! Korilakkuma’s stuffed penguin is also smiling in spirit! The word upside of Rilakkuma is “Smile”.

I love gohan They eat rice with egg and soy sauce together! They said “Let’s eat!”

I love dango♥ dango is the one of Rilakkuma’s favorite foods! They eat dango together and Rilakkuma says “muiiiii”.  We usually don’t use the word “muiiiii”. But we can guess “muiiiii” is also onomatopoeia of eating something soft like dango.

I love itazura Itazura means mischief. As you know Korilakkuma loves mischief very much! Rilakkuma is sleeping and Korilakkuma is trying to make Kiiroitori into Rilakkuma’s back! Rilakkuma doesn’t like his zipper being opened! But Rilakkuma makes a sleeper’s breathing “guu”.  Kiiroitori says “Nooooooo!” And “gui” the word  left side of Korilakkuma is also onomatopoeia that someone forced someone to do something.

I love futon  Futon means a bed in Japanese.  Rilakkuma always needs his bed because he loves sleeping very much! Rilakkuma says “Hanyaaaa”. Maybe he is talking in sleep!

And the limited plush were released! But now they are sold out…

I love their happy relaxed life!

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    • WOW! Soooo cute!! I’ve never heard about Rilakkuma cup cakes…But it doesn’t matter official or not. I love them!

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