What Did Rilakkuma Say In Honey and Smile Series?

Honey and Smile series is one of my favorite series! Because their honey bee suits are so cute! I love their suits very much!

Rilakkuma likes many layer pancakes with much honey. The theme of honey and smile series is “You can do something as much as you like.” Rilakkuma eats pancakes with honey as much as he likes in this series!

  • They were so happy finding much of honey! Rilakkuma said “tastes good!”  I think Kiiroitori was very happy then because he could fly with his honey bee suit! In Rilakkuma books he tried to fly many times but he can’t fly until now.

  • Rilakkuma prepared the Rilakkuma bread and Kiiroitori put the honey on the bread. Rilakkuma said “Please put much honey.”

  • And then they ate pancakes and bread with a lot of honey!! Kiiroitori said ” Wow!” They look very happy!!

  • Rilakkuma said “sweet”

  • They wore their honey bee suits! Rilakkuma said “How about sweets?”

  • Rilakkuma ate Swiss roll with honey! He said “It’s a honey time!” Kiiroitori said “Wow”

We control ourselves usually like I should not eat too much, I should not play too much time, I should not be lazy…  But sometimes we need to do something as much as we want like Rilakkuma!

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4 thoughts on “What Did Rilakkuma Say In Honey and Smile Series?

  1. Thank you so much!!! I love this. It’s so much fun to know what they’re saying. Can you do the onsen series? It’s one of my favorites! ^_^

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    • Hi, Thank you for visiting my blog! I like your blog “Rilakkuma Plushies Cleaning and Maintenance!” it’s so funny!!

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