Rilakkuma Marine Theme!

It’s becoming hot in Japan. How is your place? Rilakkuma doesn’t like too hot place because he is a stuffed animal suit bear! Maybe he wears his summer material suit recently.

Now, I will introduce Rilakkuma’s new series will be released in May! It’s Marine Theme! They wear sailor suits! And there are many products of marine theme!

Hmmm, he doesn’t look lazy with sailor suit, looks hard worker! :)  But he looks very handsome with this suit!

Rilakkuma wears a blue scarf and Korilakkuma wears a pink scarf in this series!

And san-x also released free Rilakkuma sailor calendar!

Rilakkuma feels happy and relaxed everyday! YAY!!


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15 thoughts on “Rilakkuma Marine Theme!

    • Hi! Rilakkuma has many kinds of suits! Maybe his summer material suit is thinner than winter one. And he makes a call to someone when he wants a new suit in 4kuma manga! Hmmm, I’ll search more about his suit!

        • Hi, Teddy! His head isn’t part of his suit I think. Because he washes his suit and dries them outside sometimes. But I’ve never seen he washes and dries his head suit!

          • What’s underneath Rilakkuma’s suit? How often does he clean his suit? How many suits does he own?

          • Nobody knows underneath Rilakkuma’s suit! We can see a light blue polka dot patterned material when we open the zipper on his back. He is very mysterious. Hmmm, I don’t know how often does he clean his suit… Mainly Kiiroitori washes his clothes because Rilakkuma is too lazy. But sometimes Rilakkuma gives Kiiroitori some advise how to wash his clothes. So I think Rilakkuma likes clean clothes! And how many…Hmmm, I’ve seen his four clothes were dried outside. So at least five clothes!

    • Uh oh! My blog is still summer! Yeah, it’s very cold. Christmas is coming soon! I will update about Rilakkuma’s Christmas suit!

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