Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s a little late though.

Valentine’s day is very important for girls like other countries because on the Valentine’s day girls can confess their love to boys with chocolate. This chocolate is called honmei choco“true feeling chocolate”. Usually honmei choco is expensive chocolate or hand made chocolate.

But in Japan, there is another kind of chocolate called giri choco“obligation chocolate”. The girls give giri choco to co-workers or friends whom they have no strong attachment. Usually giri choco is cheaper than honmei choco because girls must buy so many giri choco.Girls search for more cute and cheaper chocolate!

So there are so many kind of chocolate in a town on Valentine’s day.  Rilakkuma chocolate is there too!





There are more cute Rilakkuma chocolate! But I don’t want eat their cute faces!!

I gave my Rilakkuma one honmei choco!!  :)


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