Happy New Year 2012!!

Happy New Year!

I moved to Japan end of last year. Rilakkuma’s home country! (I lived in Taiwan before) I saw many kinds of Rilakkuma here. The price is cheaper than Taiwan!

Today I’ll introduce Rilakkuma New Year Plush!

Do you know 干支/sexagenary cycle? This is a cycle of sixty terms used for recording days or years, from China. In Japan, the year 604, when the Japanese officially adopted the Chinese calendar, was the first year of the cycle. The  calendar counts years using a 60-year cycle based on 12 animals.

So we celebrate a new year with the year’s animal. This year is Dragon year! Rilakkuma also celebrated 2012 wearing his dragon suit!

<2012 Dragon 辰>

Rilakkuma has dragon! Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori wear their dragon suits and dragon’s balls!

Let’s see their suits of other years!

<2011 Rabbit 卯>

2010 Tiger 寅>

<2009  Ox 丑> They have red sea bream. When we celebrate something like a wedding, a new year, eat red sea bream. The fish has 寿/kotobuki. The word means  happy or joyous.

<2008 Rat 子> Rilakkuma has kagami mochi. Kagami mochi is rice cake that is a traditional Japanese New Year decoration. One orange on the top of kagami mochi.

They are limited in each year so some plush are very expensive now!

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8 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2012!!

    • You are rat! the sexagenary cycle’s animals have each characters in Japan. the rat person is cleaver,sociable,curious and works diligently!

    • Hmmm, He is a little different.. But I think your tiger Rilakkuma is cute! I like his tiger suit that seems detachable!
      The year tiger Rilakkuma that I know is about 20cm and he can’t take off his tiger suit. And there is a character/寅 on his tag. I don’t know there were any other kind of tiger Rilakkuma. Hmmm, It’s interesting.

      • There are beans in the legs and the back has the zip with the blue dots cloth. So it actually looks and feels very “official” to me compared to the strange replica version from china, thats why i bought it.

        • Yes, the official Rilakkuma has bean bags in the legs and the hands and the zip with the blue dots cloth.But recently there are many high quality replica. But I think your tiger Rilakkuma is very cute! Please take good care of him!

  1. I love every year they have released! My favorites are the Tiger (all of them are so cute, it is unbelievable!), and the dragon, because I was born in the year of the dragon. :0)

    2013 year of the snake is also so cute, too! :0)

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