Rilakkuma Sweets Series

Rilakkuma has many series like Chocolate and Coffee, Honey series. In December a New series will be released! It’s Sweets Series!

The theme is sweet fruits and desserts!  The products of this series are light pink color and they have shinny gold spoon and key. Maybe they use spoon to eat sweet cakes! but I don’t know why they have keys still. I hope San-X will upload the short animation of sweets series like other series.

They wear strawberry and banana clothes. Rilakkuma have a key and Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori have their candy! You can take off their key and candy.

There are more products of Rilakkuma Sweets!

★Scratch pads

★Pens  They have gold keys and spoons!

★Erasers   I like cake shaped erasers!

★Pouches,Towels and straps

Hmmm, If I have all this series products it’s too much pink! but it’s better one or two of this series for me because colorful and shinny things make me happy!


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5 thoughts on “Rilakkuma Sweets Series

  1. I love pink but it’s a little bit too much pink! What theme do you hope they do in the future!? I hope they do an “I love summer” theme sometime! Maybe with some beach accessories! Everyone relaxes at the beach!

    I wanted to ask you if you knew about the fake Rilakkuma products! It may be good to add the warning from San-X about fake products here: they’ve mentioned it recently so it should be near the top. My boyfriend and I have seen some fake products too, in the US. He knew they were fake because the Japanese writing on them didn’t make any sense! I couldn’t read any then, so I did not know, and to me it looked fine. Although the store we were at had a lot of very poor quality fake goods. It was a Korean gift shop, but they’ve since went out of business.

    • Happy New Year! あけましておめでとうございます!
      Actually I moved to Japan the last year-end! So I was too busy to write here… I will write here again soon!
      I hope all you will have a happy and relaxed year!

    • Sweet series is so lovely! Strawberries, cakes, candies, many sweet things in this series. You have all of the memo pads! Good! Please have sweet days with these memo pads!

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