Rilakkuma Kyaraben -Rilakkuma Lunch Box

Do you know Kyaraben? It’s a shortened form of character bento. Bento means lunch box in Japanese. Originally, a decorated bento was intended to interest children in their food and to encourage a wider range of eating habits. It has now evolved to the point where national contests are held.

San-x also held a contest in 2006. It’s old information but it’s so cute so I’ll introduce kyaraben contest.

The first prize was Madoka’s kyaraben! Most of Rilakkuma’s face and body made of rice. His eyes and mouth is made of laver.

sheep style Riakkuma and Kiiroitori.
Rilakkuma is sleeping on his favorite yellow bean bag pillow
Rilakkuma is taking a nap in a garden.(Korilakkuma painted on Rilakkuma’s stomach)
pan cake Rilakkuma and sandwich Korilakkuma

Now many kyaraben books was released in Japan.

[Rilakkuma to kawaii kyaragohan & obento] shufu to seikatsusha 2007

There are many san-x characters kyaraben recipes in this book like Mamegoma.

[akinoichigoのかんたん! キャラクターのおべんとう] takarajimasha 2011

There are not only san-x characters, but also many different characters kyaraben recipes in this book.

[Rilakkuma no tedukuri oyatsu] shufu to seikatsusha 2006

It’s not kyaraben book. There are a lot of sweets recipes like Rilakkuma shaped cookies, and his favorite foods custard pudding, dango.

I think Rilakkuma kyaraben and Rilakkuma sweets is not so difficult to cook.Because Rilakkuma’s shape and color is simple! Someday I want to try to make Rilakkuma cookies and Rilakkuma omurice!

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8 thoughts on “Rilakkuma Kyaraben -Rilakkuma Lunch Box

    • YAY! Chocolate and Coffee series! The recipe is very cute and not so difficult! Your boyfriend will make omurice! Good! Omurice is one of my favorite foods! I wonder if threre is omurice in the US. I hope you like it!

  1. I don’t think there are any restaurants that serve omurice, and I had never heard of it until my boyfriends mom made it for me last year. There may be on the west coast in California or Hawaii since there’s a really large Japanese population but on the east coast there isn’t much Japanese food or markets. That’s where I live, the east coast. I never ate Japanese food until I started dating my boyfriend four years ago, actually. I didn’t try many new foods, actually. It seems very silly now.
    I like omurice but I think Japanese-style curry is my favorite food (especially “Vermont” flavor. I actually live in Vermont too!)

    • I love curry too! Vermont curry is soooo famous in Japan! Apples and Honey Vermont Curry! I’ve heard why the curry called Vermont curry. There is an folk remedies using apples and honey in Vermont.(I don’t know if thai is true) In 1960’s the folk remedies was popular in Japan. So one food company released Vermont Curry as a healthy curry! Vermont curry is not too spicy,even children can eat. Anyway I love Vermont curry very much! Actually in Taiwan 7-11 sell Vermont curry! So I can eat Vermont curry whenever I want to eat!

      • It could be true. I’ve only lived in Vermont for a little while. We do have very delicious apples and honey here. (And maple syrup too!) I’ve never heard of it as folk remedy but I don’t really know too many people from Vermont, actually. It could be true.
        Vermont Curry is hard to find here, we have to go to the Japanese supermarket. A lot of american supermarkets sell golden curry though. but that’s the only variety of japanese curry sold in the regular store.

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