Rilakkuma Books: Tori Dayori -Rilakkuma Seikatsu 3

[Tori Dayori -Rilakkuma seikatsu 3] was released in 2005. Tori means bird, Dayori means letter in Japanese. Maybe you know what’s contents in this book. Yes! Kiiroitori’s monologues!

As you know Rilakkuma is so lazy, Korilakkuma is so mischievous. So Kiiroitori takes good care of them when Kaoru isn’t home. He cleans their room everyday, if Korilakkuma is in a trouble Kiiroitori helps him. Kiiroitori knows what is his job and does his best everyday. So his monologues are different from Rilakkuma’s, they cheer me up like this:


Stand up!


It will not change if you are only waiting. (If you want to change something, you should do something.)

”ONダケデモダメ OFFダケデモダメ”

It’s not good only ON nor only OFF.(We need both on time and off time.)


There are no 0%. (If you do your best you might be able to do something that you think it’s impossible. Kiiroitori can’t fly now. But he believe he can fly sometime.He doesn’t give up his dream.)

Kiiroitori is opposite to Rilakkuma. Rilakkuma’s monologhes make me relax, Kiiroitori’s monologues cheer me up! Of course I want to be relaxed everyday. But sometimes I have to work very hard for some reasons. At these times Kiiroitori’s monologues fit me because I need someone who cheers me up. After I work hard like Kiiroitori, I need Rilakkuma’s relaxed monologes to be relaxed. I need both Rilakkuma’s view and Kiiroitori’s view in my life.

[Tori Dayori -Rilakkuma seikatsu 3] Shufu To Seikatsusha 2005

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3 thoughts on “Rilakkuma Books: Tori Dayori -Rilakkuma Seikatsu 3

  1. I looked all over Sanseido for this, but they didn’t have it :'(. I could use Kiiroitori’s encouragment! There are too many things to do in my life right now!!
    But I am very curious why Kiiroitori always “speaks” in katakana. Do you know? It was strange for me, because I am an American, so I expected katakana words to be similar maybe to a word I know.

    • Yes, Kiiroitori speaks in katakana. it’s not mentioned any official information why he speaks in katakana. katakana is “a Japanese syllabary used when writing words borrowed from foreign languages other than Chinese, specific names of plants and animals and other jargon, or to emphasize a word or phrase.” on wiki.But I think there is one more way to use katakana. I use katakana to make feel light. hmm, it’s difficult to explain, for example, mobile phone is 携帯 in Japanese kanji. but when we talk with friends we use katakana ケータイ often. It makes me feel lighter and friendly. Here is one Kiiroitori word “マッテイテモカワランゾ”. If I use kanji and hiragana it changes to “待っていても変わらんぞ”. It makes me feel more strict. hmmmm… Sorry it’s so difficult to explain! I’ll introduce more about their way of talking next time!

      • Thanks! I think I understand the difference in tone it conveys.

        I hope to get one of the books for Christmas! I think then I will have a better understanding!! :)

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