Rilakkuma Short Animations

Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori have many kinds of suits. What style do you like? I like honey bee style! There are some short animations that introduce a new style of Rilakkuma on San-X official website. Now you can find three kinds of short animations!

Rilakkuma meets honey  Watch the animation here!

Rilakkuma Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori wear their honey bee suits! When they wear honey bee suits they can fly! And they find many kinds of honey.They eat that honey with pancakes that is Rilakkuma’s favorite. Rilakkuma ask Kiiroitori to put much honey on his pancakes! They have very happy time with honey!

Chocolate and Coffee  Watch the animation here!

One day Rilakkuma Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori are at Rilakkuma coffee shop. Kiiroitori makes coffee and Korilakkuma brings coffee to you.The coffee has Rilakkuma face! There are lots of Rilakkuma shape sweets! I think these sweets are very cute! And then they have relax time at coffee shop!

Rilakkuma meets the squirrel in the forest  Watch the animation here!

This animation has English subscription! One day they walk around in the forest and Rilakkuma meets one squirrel in the forest. Actually the squirrel is Korilakkuma with squirrel suit! Then they pick up fruits together and eat dinner that Kiiroitori cooks for them in the forest! The background music is “The Bear Song”. The song is very famous as a children’s song in Japan too!

I like watching these movies! If you like other characters of San-X you should find more animations on the bottom of these pages!

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6 thoughts on “Rilakkuma Short Animations

  1. かわいい! :D

    I love the chocolate and coffee one the best. That’s my favorite snack, especially when I’m too stressed and need to relax!

    • IYes! Rilakkuma coffee is so かわいい! I love eating chocolate and drinking coffee too! Every morning I drink a cup of latte. and I eat chocolate especially in winter!

  2. I have the Chocolate and Coffee plushes, but my Kiiroitori is wearing a suit the same color as Korilakkuma. The light brown suit. I love them, but I also like Kiiro in the dark brown suit, like in the photo you have here. I have never seen Kiiro wearing the dark brown suit for sale, though.

    I love all of the others, too! I wish I could afford them, and I wish I had space in my house to display them.

    • You have Kiiroitori with light brown suit! It’s sounds cute! You have many Rilakkuma products! I’m happy to hear you have a good days with your Rilakkuma!

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