Even A Baby Monkey Likes Rilakkuma!

I wrote many men like Rilakkuma in Japan before.But I found not only men likes Rilakkuma, even a monkey likes Rilakkuma in Japan!

The little monkey is called Otome. She lives in Ichikawashi Doushokubutsuen (市川市動植物園) Chiba prefecture in Japan. She was bone in 2008. But unfortunately her mother neglected her. So she was artificially reared by breeding staffs.Baby monkeys usually cling on to mother’s body but she didn’t have mother so breeding staffs gave her stuffed animals to cling. She had some kinds of stuffed animals but she liked Rilakkuma the best. After she returned to a group she was still always with her Rilakkuma.

Watch the video here!

In this movie she always brought her Riakkuma, sometimes she was on her Rilakkuma. Her Rilakkuma became dirty and weak. But little monkey loved her dirty Rilakkuma very much. Thanks to him, she could be relaxed in an unfamiliar group when she returned the group.

Now she is three years old. She was independent from her Rilakkuma. Her Rilakkuma is in front of the monkey mountain. The paper under him says “I’ve finished nursing”. He looks so relaxed now.

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2 thoughts on “Even A Baby Monkey Likes Rilakkuma!

  1. This is such a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing the videos and photos of this little monkey and her Rilakkuma! Everyone loves Rilakkuma!! I am not surprised that the little monkey loved him so much! :0)

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